Where will your Yacht Holiday take you?

Finding time to take a relaxing holiday can be difficult. During the majority of the year, it can seem nearly impossible to take time off from your busy schedule and slip away to a place that’s a bit more desirable than your daily surroundings.

However, once the idea takes seed in your mind, you can begin to plan for a few days off, whether you foresee your holiday taking place in the very near future or over 12 months from now.

When you first begin to envision a yacht holiday with family or friends, a thousand destinations may come to mind.

Perhaps you’re the type to enjoy the dramatic splendour of the Adriatic Sea, embarking from a beautiful medieval walled city such as Dubrovnik. From here you can visit places like the island of Mljet, known for spectacular wine, olives, goat cheese and of course it’s famous National Park.

Eastern Europe is great for going on holiday on a yacht, due to its accessibility from many major EU airports and even by land. However, if you can think of nothing better than exploring the open seas of the Caribbean, consider flying to the azure waters of a place like the British Virgin Islands.

Direct flights to Antigua are available from the UK and other cities in Europe, and from there you’ll fly to Beef Island airport to climb aboard your yacht at Nanny Cay.

Imagine beaches of white sand, secluded half-moon coves and incredible rocky outcrops- there are over 50 islands to discover in this special corner of the world.

From unbeatable views of the Mediterranean coastline to the crystal clear waters and tropical colourful fish of the Caribbean, Latesail can take you there at an excellent price. Call our friendly advisors today, and enjoy a yacht holiday unlike any other.

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